Fotobia - advertising photography studio

advertising photography studio

why us

We specialize in advertising photo- graphy and photographic documen- tation for corporate clients. Your inve- stment in professional advertising photos means improvement of:

  • illustrative material - for your website or printed catalogue, brochure, leaflet.
  • image - a well-presented product manifests its quality.
  • reliability - of your office, warehouse, factory floor, employees...


We will take all types of photos your company may need:

  • product photography - ranging from typical packshot to sophisticated photographic composition.
  • portraits - board members, employees, individuals and groups.
  • documentation of processes  - assembly line photos.
  • facilities - photos presenting  company’s tangible assets.


So far we have had the pleasure to work with:

  • PZ Cussons Polska S.A.
  • Eden Europe s.r.o, Czechy
  • Europapier - Impap Sp. z o.o.
  • TPI Ochrona Pożarowa Sp. z o.o.
  • Playmobil FunPark, Zirndorf, Germany
  • PartDental Sp. z o.o.
  • Rolnicza Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna „Złotokłos”

contact us

advertising photography studio

ul. Piotra Skargi 1a
PL05-504 Złotokłos near Warsaw

tel. +48 601 373 230
tel. +48 601 209 109

email: studio@fotobia.pl